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Consulting and Transfer Pricing Study Services

We provide many different services offered by larger firms, but at a reasonable cost.  In addition to our assurance and tax practice, we also offer transfer pricing and various consulting services.  Our consulting services include company incorporation and liquidation, mergers and acquisitions, financial forecast and projection, computer accounting system implementation, stock option accounting, derivative accounting, and many others.  We constantly explore other consulting areas to better assist our clients.  It is our firm’s goal to ensure the satisfaction of every client time and time again.

Our professionals come from various backgrounds. We strongly believe that we can add value to your business by becoming part of your advisory team. Please contact us to discuss the areas that we can assist you in.

Transfer Pricing Study
When your business has transactions with a controlled foreign related party, you are required to have contemporaneous documentation (or a transfer pricing study). A transfer pricing study examines the pricing of controlled transactions between related parties. By applying and documenting various testing methods, it attempts to determine whether the transactions were conducted at arm’s length and will survive scrutiny from the IRS and other tax authorities.

In addition, transfer pricing is also required to be included in the accounting for interest and penalties associated with tax positions, which are described in Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) Accounting Standard Codification 740, Income Taxes, under FASB Interpretation No. 48, Accounting for Uncertainty in Income Taxes (“FIN 48”), and the Company is required to disclose FIN 48 under the income tax footnote to the financial statements. In addition, beginning with the 2010 tax year, corporations with both uncertain tax positions and assets equal to or exceeding $10 million will be required to file Schedule Uncertain Tax Positions if they or a related party issued audited financial statements.

Please contact us to discuss your company’s exposure to the transfer pricing issue. Our transfer pricing specialists can assist you in preparation of a transfer pricing study which satisfies the IRS regulations and FASB requirements.

Incorporation and Liquidation
If you plan to establish or liquidate a business in the United States, our firm has the experience and knowledge to assist you in doing so. We can refer you to legal counsel and even help you select the type of entity that best suits your needs.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Buying or selling a business can be a long and complicated process. We offer professional advice and legal referrals so that you can rest assured that the process is completed in a timely fashion.

Financial Forecast and Projection
Prospective financial statements can help management make intelligent decisions by presenting the business’s expected or hypothetical financial position during future periods. We can assist you in preparing such prospective financial statements so that your management can make the correct strategic decisions.

Computer Accounting System Implementation
Our staff has expertise in QuickBooks, and we can be your QuickBooks ProAdvisor to assist you with the initial implementation of the software to ensure that your accounting system is both efficient and accurate.

Stock Option and Other Equity Compensation Programs
Keeping quality employees can be a challenge for the company when the employees play an essential role in the company’s success; fortunately, there are different ways to attract the employees to stay with the company such as stock options, restricted stocks, employee purchase plans and others. Equity compensation programs require a very unique and complex accounting scheme in order to comply with FASB ASC 718 (formerly SFAS 123(R)). We provide complete outsourcing and consulting services regardless of the size of your company.