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Tax Return Preparation Services

TOPC is committed to providing high quality, convenient income tax return preparation services.  Our staff is competent and equipped with some of the best resources to prepare your federal and state corporate and individual income tax returns.  At a reasonable cost, we can expedite this filing process for your convenience.

  • Corporation and Partnership Income Tax Returns:
    Managing the corporate tax department function is an increasingly difficult task given the multiple reporting requirements an organization is required to meet for federal and state tax compliance.  TOPC can provide the following services:
    • Preparation and review of federal corporate and partnership income tax returns
    • Preparation and review of state corporate and partnership income tax returns
    • Assistance with calculating federal and state estimated income tax payments
    • U.S. income tax return and information reporting for foreign business entities
    • Preparation of state and local franchise, sales and use,  and property tax returns
    • Assistance with state nexus tax study
  • Individual Income Tax Returns:
    TOPC provides services in preparing federal income tax return and state tax returns throughout the U.S.  We provide services to not only U.S. citizens, but also to foreign nationals who reside and work in the U.S.
    Depending on the timing of arrival and departure, foreign nationals must consider the U.S. income tax filing status. We can assist you in determining which of the following income tax filing status, full-year, dual-status, or nonresident income tax return, is beneficial for you.

Tax Authority Examination Support Services:
At times, a corporation becomes subject to the IRS and/or other authority tax examinations. Responding to the tax authority representative’s requests can be challenging and stressful. Our professionals have years of experience dealing with tax authorities, and we can help you understand, anticipate and strategically respond to the IRS. We can represent you in your best interest and save you the anguish of enduring the long, tedious, and costly tax examination process.

Income Tax Provisions and FIN 48 Memo Preparation Services:
Income tax provision calculation processes are detailed and complicated.  You can rely on our income tax provision specialists to provide your company with accurate income tax provision calculation support.  We will work with you and your tax department to provide our unique blend of income tax provision knowledge and understanding from both the tax and accounting perspectives.  We can also assist you in communicating with your independent auditors to coordinate and complete the audit in a timely and seamless manner.  

FIN 48, Accounting for Uncertainty in Income Taxes, (FASB ASC 740-10) requires all US companies, public and private, to apply a new methodology for evaluating the expected tax benefits from uncertain tax positions.  FIN 48 requires a more rigorous and methodical assessment of financial statement reporting of tax decisions made by companies. Many companies do not have internal resources to effectively implement or maintain FIN 48 compliance. These companies may consider engaging an advisory accounting firm to assist the company in designing and implementing a process to ensure compliance with the FIN 48 requirements.